Tamashii Ramen

, anWe all know and love Cup Noodles ramen. With their many chicken, beef, and even cheesy flavors, Cup Noodles are usually our go-to Asian noodles. I decided it was time to try true authentic ramen. Japanese ramen combines pungent ingredients like miso, seaweed, and fish. I went to Tamashii Ramen in Forest Hills, Queens … Continue reading Tamashii Ramen


Weekends call for brunching, amirite? Eggslut is a breakfast restaurant that serves gourmet breakfast sandwiches. They are a newer restaurant chain with locations all over California and around the world. Despite being so new, Eggslut has risen to fame quite quickly. Instagrammers and foodies love coming here. One trip and you'll understand why. 🍳 Eggslut … Continue reading Eggslut