Us is about a family who goes on vacation but becomes tormented by doppelgangers that look exactly like them.  Soon enough, everyone in America becomes tortured by their own doppelganger that set out to hurt or kill the original people. Confusing, I know. But the impostors are all dressed in red and are carrying scissors, so they’re easy to tell apart. Or are they?

I decided to see this film because it’s a product of Jordan Peele. I really enjoyed his last thriller film, Get Out so I had high expectations for Us to be even better.

Personally, I prefer Get Out over Us. I thought Us was confusing. It was funny, and it did have plenty of suspense, and twists, but I left the theater being confused. I did not understand how these clones came about, why they were holding hands across America and why there were so many rabbits. The story with the mom was the most confusing part because at the end I couldn’t tell who was who.

After the movie, we Googled a lot of our questions hoping to find some explanations but Peele purposely decided to leave it very vague.

I would give this movie a 6/10.  I felt like this was something I should’ve watched at home instead of going to the movies, which is disappointing because I was really excited for it.

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