ABC’s Revenge

ABC’s Revenge is a drama all about, you guessed it, revenge. Set in the Hamptons, where wealth, status, and beauty are key features determining one’s power, things go awry when Emily Thorne (played by Emily VanCamp) moves to town. Formerly known as Amanda Clarke, Thorne lived in the Hamptons with her father, David Clarke (James Tupper), when she was a little girl. Her whole life was turned upside down when he was framed for a crime he did not commit. Now Thorne has returned and has sworn to take revenge on everyone involved in her father’s demise.

This show immediately reels in its audience by showing a snippet of each season’s climax in the first episode for that season. It leaves viewers wondering about all the events that take place leading up to that big moment. There are lots of mysteries to be uncovered, lots of twists and turns, so many secrets and sadly so many unexpected deaths. You’ll find yourself becoming attached to these characters, even the ones who have so many wrongdoings. That’s the beauty of this show, even the “good guys” are devils in disguise and even the “bad guys” were once angels.

Revenge has four drama-filled, action-packed seasons. Thankfully, it comes full circle and does not drag on for too long. The acting is phenomenal as all of these talented actors embody their characters so naturally. I would not even replace anyone because they all fit together so well too.

In my opinion, (without revealing too much), season 1 and 2 were amazing. Season 1 was filled with enough mystery and suspense to have me invested in the story. It left me wanting more. My favorite season was season 2 since I almost cried on multiple occasions. It was like an emotional rollercoaster. Season 3 felt like it dragged and bored me a little bit but overall had the best season finale. The fourth and final was simply okay for me, but it could have been better. The falling action towards the end happened nice and gradually. I felt at ease once it ended, but I didn’t necessarily feel sad or empty like I would with the ending of other shows. It didn’t have that “wow-factor” I was looking for.

How Season 2 had me

Overall, the show had some very strong moments and even the dull ones were necessary for progressing the story. There were some parts that were over the top, but itΒ isΒ a drama. My initial reaction when watching this was “wow, this is like a watered-down soap opera.” It has a little something for everyone: romance, action, mystery, suspense, and even a few jokes here and there (compliments to Nolan Ross played by Gabriel Mann).

Overall Rating: 8/10
Where to watch: Hulu, Amazon Prime.

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