The Legend of Korra

What’s it About?

The Legend of Korra (LOK) is a spinoff of the beloved Nickelodeon childhood series Avatar the Last Airbender (ATLA). It takes place two generations later when Avatar Aang reincarnates as Avatar Korra. Similar to the original show, Avatar Korra must navigate through life and defeat numerous villains while trying to master all the elements of bending: earth, fire, water, and air.

Since this is a spinoff and does not take place too long after the original series, you’ll be excited when you encounter old, familiar characters throughout Korra’s journey. While ATLA primarily centers on Aang defeating Firelord Ozai and learning how to bend each element, LOK takes a different approach. Each season there is a different antagonist with a different purpose for targeting the Avatar. With each battle, Korra learns more about herself in the present world, her past lives, and even in the spirit world.

LOK does a great job of providing background information and answering questions brought up in ATLA. It delves deeper into all of the Avatar history and different forms of bending. The benders in this show are no joke, they’re super powerful. The benders in ATLA walked so the benders in LOK could run (especially Toph Beifong AKA the inventor of metal bending!). For me, the craziest benders are Amon, who has the power to take away someone’s bending, (Season 1), and Zaheer and the other members of the Red Lotus that consist of a combustion bender, lava bender, and a water bender (Season 3).

Legend of Korra

Water bending on a whole other level!

My Review:

Personally, in order from most favorite to least favorite season, it’s season 2, season 3, season 4, then season 1. The first season was a little slow for me and I easily predicted what was going to happen. The fourth season’s antagonist felt like someone random was thrown into the mix and didn’t make sense to me. I also wish the show ended on a stronger note. The third season had a great storyline with powerful benders. The ending and all of the battles had me shook. It was a good transition from Season 2 as well. I enjoyed season 2 the most because it dealt a lot with the spirit world. It also gives insight into where the first avatar came from and how the avatar continues to be reincarnated.

If this were a standalone show, it would easily be a 9/10 or even a 10/10. However, since it’s a spinoff, it’s hard to compare to its predecessor, ATLA. While it was nice to see familiar faces, I wish those characters had more screen time. Also, Sokka was one of the best characters in ATLA and they did my boy really dirty¬† (that’s all I have to say). This show leaves me feeling incomplete and wanting more. While the ending was sweet and unexpected, it fell a little flat for me. Overall, I’d give Legend of Korra 7/10.

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