Netflix’s Original-Cursed  Netflix’s Original Series, Cursed was recently released and I loved it!

Cursed, is a rework of the Arthurian legend, told from the point of view of a gifted teenage Fey girl, Nimue. Nimue, played by Katherine Langford is part of the  Fey community. The Fey are despised by the Roman Catholic Church and terrorized by Red Paladins solely due to their faith and way of life.

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Nimue and her friend Pym are away when Red Paladins invade their village and slaughter most of the villagers. Nimue witnesses her mother’s death as she is slain by the Red Paladins. Before her mother passes, she gives Nimue a mysterious sword and tells her to deliver it to Merlin. Nimue is heartbroken and confused, however, she becomes determined to fulfill her mother’s last wishes.

On her journey, Nimue discovers her extraordinary talents. During her childhood, she had an encounter with what is described as a Dark God in the show. She escapes from the menacing force with a strange power bestowed upon her, as she calls upon the hidden. After this encounter, Nimue was not expected to live. However, with the aid of her mother, she survives and is left with notable scars on her back. As a result, many of the villagers and their children tease Nimue and say that she was cursed by the Dark Gods, she becomes what resembles the black sheep of her village.

Throughout the show, Nimue encounters many new interesting characters and is faced with many difficult challenges. She powers through as all of the Fey are depending on her. Nimue is also on a self-discovery journey and must learn to accept things about herself if she is expected to preserve her people.



I ate this show, up! It was such a great watch, I enjoyed every second of every episode. I recommend you add this to your watchlist.  Cursed reminded me a lot of Game of Thrones. This show contains a strong female lead, and her acting is great! I would say overall the acting of each character on this show was well. It adds a ton of substance to the show and grasps viewers’ attention. The plot is very well executed and the character development was fantastic. Throughout the show, there are quite a few plot twists which I enjoyed a lot. This show plays with your emotions, I became invested in this show quickly! I can’t wait for another season!

Rating: 9/10 

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