Made in Heaven

Made In Heaven

Made in Heaven is an Amazon Prime Original Series. It follows two wedding planners, Tara and Karan who strive to deliver the perfect wedding to all of their clients with their company “Made in Heaven.” This comes with many obstacles in both their professional and personal lives. Along with all the crazy clients and financial issues that come with running a business, these complex weddings and families are also constant reminders of Tara and Karan’s worrisome identities: Tara, as a woman who came from nothing and fought her way to the top through her marriage, and Karan as an openly gay man living in India- where homosexuality is illegal.

This show is unlike any Indian show or movie I’ve ever seen. All of the Indian shows I’ve seen are those super dramatic soap operas, my mom loves them. All of the Indian movies that I’ve seen are typical Bollywood love stories mostly from the 90s and 2000s that are full of iconic songs and are about 3 hours long. This show offered a fresh new perspective on wedding culture in India that was simply eye-opening.

Why You Should Watch It

Indian weddings are chock full of bright colors, music, guests-the whole nine yards, which is beautiful on the surface. However, not all that glitters is gold.Β Made in HeavenΒ highlights deeper issues that often occur during these weddings such as dowry, arranged couples, and even consent. What I love about Tara and Karan’s company is that they go above and beyond to do the right thing. Without spoiling too much, they ensure that voices are heard, righteous action is taken, and the couples are happy (whether they’re marrying each other or not).

There are so many important issues that this show highlights: patriarchy, LGBTQ+ rights, addiction, feminism, classism, sexism, and the toxicity of (certain) traditional values. It is also extremely vulgar and does not hold back at all. In much of the Indian content I’ve consumed in the past, characters would never be seen having sex, cursing, or even kissing. This show incorporates all those elements as it paints Indian culture under a new light.Β  When it came to all the wedding scenery, it was simply awe-inspiring. No two weddings were alike as many different cultures and religions have their own twist on things. Made in Heaven beautifully blended the old with the new leaving me shook and loving every minute of it.


Made in Heaven

Me waiting for Season 2

Made in Heaven Rating

I’m so happy that I found this show and am even happier that it is getting another season! I can’t wait to see where the story takes Tara, Karan, and the rest of the Made in Heaven family. The season finale ended on a high note and there really is no telling what will happen next. Since we’re only one season in, my rate is 8.5/10. Let’s hope the future seasons do not disappoint, I have super high hopes for this show!

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