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Kalank was honestly an experience. “Kalank” means “tainted,” and that’s the title because everyone’s love was considered to be tainted. Either they were not supposed to fall in love with one another or because of other circumstantial obstacles that prevented them from being together. There are many layers to this movie. Not only were there a number of intertwined love stories, but this movie also touched on matters of religion, politics, family,  friendship, sacrifice, and death.

Honestly, this movie didn’t catch my eye at first. The only reason I wanted to watch it is because I fell in love with one of its songs.

I really like this song because it used classical instruments and was great from the beginning until the end. The scenery was also amazing and I just wanted to see more. I really like these kind of Indian films that take place back in the day with classical clothing and music. This has easily become one of my favorite songs too!

I didn’t really like Alia Bhatt (the main actress who plays Roop), but I thought there’s a first time for everything. Her performance blew me away and exceeded my expectations.

When I was looking at the reviews on Google before seeing the movie, they weren’t that great. Regardless, I still wanted to see it but didn’t have super high expectations. After seeing it, I don’t understand why the ratings were so low. I thought it was amazing! I would rate this movie an 8/10. I’m well aware it had a few flaws here and there, but I thought overall the movie made up for them. I definitely recommend it!

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