Note: This post was written by Samanta Narayan, not by the editors of A huge thanks to Samanta for the movie review! *Spoilers are ahead.*

The Warner Bros have recently released the new infamous Joker! Many fans are finally able to see the Joker’s side of the story. The Joker, who is originally named  Arthur Fleck, takes care of his mother in Gotham City, residing in a one-bedroom apartment. He works gigs as a clown, but when a hand gun slips out of his pants, he fired. Arthur struggles with a pathological laughing condition, which results in him having many altercations with others and which also results in the famous laugh we associate with the Joker.

Arthur’s laughing condition leads to…

the sadistic face-painted clown we know.







Arthur’s mother lies to him and tells him that his father is Thomas Wayne, aka Batman’s father. Wayne claims that Arthur’s mother is delusional and that he’s adopted, which happens to be true. It’s been a lifelong dream of Arthur’s to be on the Murray show, and when he participates in stand up comedy, that dream of his is fulfilled in an unexpected way. Murray, his idol, ridicules him and no one takes him serious. He requests to be introduced as ‘Joker’, which is how he gets the name we all know him as, and he is asked about his thoughts on the subway shooting. Murray, and everyone else, is oblivious to the fact that Arthur admits to killing the three men.

Tbh, the cult of Joker murderers are a strong team if you ask me. They need more recognition in the Batman vs. Joker stories 👏

After Arthur shoots Murray (yes, he shoots Murray), the police get a hold of him and attempt to take him to jail, which only ends up with one of Arthur’s supporters crashing the police car with an ambulance. Arthur’s supporters proceed to cheer for their hero who stands on top of the totaled police car as Gotham City goes up in flames. From that regional riot and their link through Thomas Wayne, Arthur or Joker is thought of as the evil nemesis of Batman, the overseer of Gotham City. 

Every non-comic book reader in the theater when they realized that the Joker just wanted love from his father and his idol.

Overall, the 2019 “Joker” gets a 10/10 from me! Watch it this spooky season (it’s not scary- it just pertains to clowns and Batman and Halloween things okay…). You won’t regret it! 😁

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