How To Get Away With Murder

ABC recently released the last season of their drama,  How To Get Away With Murder on Netflix. This show entails a group of outstanding law students who become involved in a string of murders under the tutelage of Annalise Keating.

Annalise Keating is an exceptionally brilliant and talented criminal defense lawyer/ professor, who teaches a class she called “How to Get Away with Murder.” She and her employees, Frank and Bonnie select a group of students to assist them in cases. Each student was selected specifically by Annalise and her trio. With each episode, shocking secrets are revealed and the plot thickens. (The plot twists never failed to have me shook!!) Everyone is on edge as their patience and strength are tested. Annalise’s intoxicating personality grasps each one of her students and their need for her validation prevails.

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As the plot progresses,  it is revealed that Sam Keating, Annalise’s husband was having an affair with a student who attended the college he and Annalise taught at. The girl was murdered and later found in a disturbing place. They are all convinced she was murdered at the hand of Sam because she was pregnant and he was the father. Her death sets off the very interesting events that will occur, however, the past of each main character is what ultimately leads them to this life.  Annalise’s students accidentally (kind of on purpose) murder Sam. Annalise helps to cover his murder up, due to her deep attachment to the students, her need to put other’s first and Sam’s infidelity. (She also cheated on Sam, but she didn’t murder her lover.) 👀


My review

This is not a show that you can scroll on your phone and watch. The plot twists are wild and very captivating!  I really enjoyed this show, it always had me on the edge of my seat and never failed to surprise me!  My favorite character would have to be Connor (played by Jack Falahee). When watching the show I thought he was overlooked. His character goes through some MAJOR changes, which can pretty much be said about each and every character on the show. This show takes many great turns in directions you would never expect. Although the show is somewhat hard to follow, it is totally worth it! During the last episode of the final season, the show ends by going full circle. It was honestly astonishing. I will say it was slightly anti-climactic but overall very satisfying. Add this to your quarantine watchlist, you’ll become entangled quickly!

 MY RATING: 8/10 


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