Ways to Support Black Lives Matter From Home

Recently in Minneapolis, police officer, Derek Chauvin, killed an African American man named George Floyd. Chauvin knelt on Floyd’s neck for about nine minutes despite Floyd repeatedly saying “I can’t breathe.” Sadly, Floyd was another victim of police brutality. People all over America and countries such as the UK, Germany, Italy, and New Zealand have all protested for justice. This is not the first or only instance of a police officer treating a black person unjustly and inhumanely. These protests are for Floyd, Ahmaud Abery, Breonna Taylor, and countless other victims of police brutality in the name of the Black Lives Matter Movement.  If you would like to support the movement from home, there are a few things that you can do.


Sign Petitions

The Black Lives Matter Movement has a list of petitions that you can sign to help the families of Floyd and other victims. However, they make a note to not donate any money to change.org. The Color of Change petition requests that Mayor Frey restricts all four officers from receiving their pensions and prohibits them from ever working in the force again.


Donate to bail bonds or the families of victims of police brutality. A few bail bonds that you can donate to are Brooklyn Community Bail Fund, The Bail Project, and The Minnesota Freedom Fund. The Black Lives Matter Movement provides a list of victims’ donation pages including the families of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Jamee Johnson.

Support Black-Owned Businesses

A New Yorker restaurant editor released this list of black-owned restaurants and businesses in NYC. Be sure to check them out and support them!

Be Mindful Of What you’re Posting Online

It’s amazing that you want to support all of the protestings for justice for black lives. However, the media has been flooded with so much content. You do not need to repost violent or murderous content to show your support! It takes an emotional and mental toll on those constantly viewing these photos or videos, especially without any warning.

Be The voice of reason & Support

Check up on your black friends and coworkers during this difficult time!  Ask them how they are doing and how you can support them. You can also start a conversation with your family members and friends who might not understand the severity of this situation. Educate them. As Justin Simmons said, “All lives can’t matter until black lives matter.”

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