Vote This Election Day!

Vote, vote, vote! 2020 has been full of surprises, and honestly who knows where this year is going. While this year has been one of the least favored for many, it has definitely been one of the most eye-opening and quite eventful years. Election day is approaching, and if you still haven’t registered then you better do so quickly!

Why Should I Vote?

Voting is important because it allows us, citizens, to have a say in what goes on in the country. With the more people that are voting, the more people’s voices get heard and the more like-minded ideas get represented. Historically, people have died for voting rights and therefore it’s something that we shouldn’t take for granted either. By voting, you are actively involved in making decisions geared toward communal matters such as health care, immigration, equal opportunity, voting rights, infrastructure, jobs, education, social security, neighborhood safety, taxes, etc.

But What If I can’t?

Whatever the reason may be, it’s okay! You can still help others and advocate for voting. If you want to help educators, parents, and students register to vote, then you can check out My School Votes. You can spread the word about important voting information via social media or even talking to your peers. If you cannot be a voter but you know someone with like-minded ideas that can then convince them to head to the polls!

How Do I?

Each state has different voter registration rules, find out what the rules are for your state here. Once you qualify, then you can go ahead and make it official by registering at one of the following websites:


Remember that your voice matters, and with this upcoming election, we need all the voices as possible!


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