The Funniest Game I’ve Ever Played

So there’s this new game I recently discovered called ScreamGo-Hero. Basically, there’s this little ninja dude that you have to get from Point A to Point B while avoiding cliffs and obstacles. Sounds like a regular game right? There’s a twist to this one! Instead of pressing buttons or using your fingers at all to accelerate the little ninja dude, you use your voice. Well, it doesn’t have to be your voice, but the game works with sound sensitivity. So basically, the softer sounds you make, the slower he’ll go. The louder sounds you make, the faster he’ll go or higher he’ll jump.

I had seen this game trending on my Instagram and saw all the hilarious videos people were making. Some people sang songs, some people said weird words, and some people just straight-up screamed! I could never find the name of the game though. It wasn’t until I  came to work one day last week and saw my co-worker playing it. We took turns making noises at her phone to play the game, and got a ton of weird looks. It was hilarious to us though. I definitely recommend playing this game! There’s no way you can play it without smiling, laughing, or screaming irrationally!

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