Social Media Spring Cleaning

At the end of 2018 I decided I needed some change in my life before I enter 2019. I was super sad all the time and I needed to find small ways to change that. One thing I noticed was that I was spending a lot of time on my phone and I wondered if that impacted me in any way.

I decided to hop on my Instagram and Snapchat see how I felt.

For Instagram, I noticed I spent a lot of time scrolling through my feed until I got back to the place I left of from. I noticed there were a lot of people on my feed who I didn’t know personally, couples posting everyday that swear they’re “goals,” and just people in general who were bitching about whatever. I even followed people who I honestly did not like in real life. I asked myself why am I even following all of these people? I told myself, in 2019 I’m going to create a new Instagram. I wasn’t going to announce it or anything, I was just gonna go about it silently. I felt a little sad to delete my Instagram, because I’m just a memory hoarder, but I realized I had most of my photos on my phone.

I went on Snapchat and did the same thing. I had people who I barely knew or simply did not like. But for what? As for Snapchat, since I had less contacts to rifle through than Instagram, I just simply deleted the people I felt were necessary.

Overall, the decision to “clean up” my social media accounts was more of a gain than a loss. With my new Instagram account and modified Snapchat account, I only follow people who I actually know, vice versa. I may not have as much followers, likes, or views as before but that’s okay. I feel so relieved that people don’t have access to my life like before. I feel lighter knowing I have more privacy now.

I also spend less time on my phone now since I don’t have much social media to keep up with. I get through my newsfeed and stories quicker. That means I waste less time and can be more productive.

I definitely recommend silent, new starts to anyone looking for a bit of a positivity boost in their life.

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