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I spend most of my free internet time on streaming websites like Netflix or Hulu. Recently, I’ve been re-watching one of my all time favorite shows, New Girl. This show is absolutely hilarious and even heart-warming at times. I think everyone can relate a little bit to each character in this show.

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I want to stress that I’m re-watching this show because they no longer make new episodes! Even though I’m sad the show has ended, Netflix has all of its episodes, which still make me laugh the way I did when I first fell in love with New Girl.

When I don’t have as much time to spare to watch one of my favorite shows, I usually scroll through Instagram. 

@catanacomics is one of my favorite Instagram pages. It’s about an artist who creates cute, funny, and relatable moments from her relationship in the form of a comic such as this one. She also has a website where fans can purchase merchandise, her book, and more.

With school back in session, it’s easy to become stressed out. Luckily, with the internet and little things like a TV show or a mini comic to keep my spirits up, I hope I can manage to stay happy and keep the good times rolling.

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