IISuperwomanII Gets Her Own Talk Show!

If you don’t know who IISuperwomanII is, let me put you on real quick! Her name is Lilly Singh and she is an Indian-Canadian Youtuber. Her channel is filled with comedic skits of her portraying other characters, rants, and even videos that feature other Youtubers, her friends, and family. She has been dedicated to Youtube since 2010 and makes new videos every Monday and Thursday as well as daily vlogs on her second channel. Youtube has helped her develop a career as an entertainer and has lead her to great success. I grew up watching her videos and have related to almost every one of them as a young, brown female, much like herself. I was super excited to hear the news last week that NBC is giving her her own talk show!

She shared the good news on The Tonight Show where Jimmy Fallon let her dip her toes in the water of being a host and even surprised her with Seth Myers. She starts her new talk show this fall, I can’t wait to watch it! I can’t express how proud of her I am. I wish her nothing but the best, I know she’s gonna kill it!

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