Area 51 Raid

If you have any form of social media, I’m sure you’ve scrolled past posts about numerous participants swarming Area 51. As of lately, those primarily on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have been arranging to raid Area 51 on September 20, 2019 at 3 a.m. to see what’s being hidden there by the government. They are hoping to find aliens, air crafts, and/or information about space life. Countless memes have flooded social media about the thousands of participants actually going through with this speculated plan.

Apparently, raiders are doing a “naruto run”, inspired by the running style from the anime Naruto.

The fact that there is a time and location for the supposed raid makes it seem much more realistic.











So why raid Area 51, right? Well, ever since the establishment of Area 51 in the middle of nowhere in Nevada, civilians have questioned what kind of top secret government behavior goes on behind closed doors. Do these scientists and chairmen hold back on discoveries that would benefit us all? Have they purposely caused tragic events, such as the E. Coli breakout, to endanger the public and passed them off as issues within smaller corporate systems to reinforce their power? Are there aliens or creatures from other planets that we explore being harbored here? We don’t know that kind of information and the government refuses to address these concerns with legitimate proof.

Summer of 2019 seems to be the deal breaker for millennials. They’re tired of wondering and just want to know for themselves what exactly is there. People have tried to break through the military force that secures the area, but the theory behind this round of invasion is that they can’t stop thousands of civilians from entering the facility. If the government harmed that many people in an attempt to keep them in the unknown, it would cause a huge uprising amongst the press in politics. Trump’s cabinet would face a lot more backlash than they do now for their operations, so it’s possible that this raid could expose a lot! Which side are you on, invading Area 51 facilities or leaving confidential information alone?

Everyone who’s convinced that they’ll break the Area 51 aliens free and take them home as pets…


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