Don’t copyright me that for that title; Stuffed Ice Cream NYC used it first. I just thought it was too punny to pass up. Stuffed Ice Cream NYC does exactly what their name suggests except their chosen vehicles for receiving the stuffing are donuts. We have seen ice cream stuffed between cookies to make cookie sandwiches, ice cream wrapped in crΓͺpes, and even ice cream stuffed in cones of various shapes and designs, but never has ice cream in donuts been a thing. Ice cream is simply glorious.

Stuffed Ice Cream NYC calls these creations cruffs. According to their website, the “cr” comes from cream in ice cream and “uff” comes from stuffed. Creative but I would’ve never guessed where the name came from. They also serve ice cream bouquets with multiple scoops arranged as flower bulbs on a cone. They’re quite pretty on Instagram, but realistically probably too much for one person to each. That was not the case with the Ferrero Rocher ice cream that I got with oreo crumbs on top.

Let’s ignore my jacked up manicure and honor the aesthetics in this picture. β™₯

The ice cream itself was good– how could you possibly not like anything Ferrero Rocher/ Nutella inspired? The combination with the donut was the interesting part. I, for one, do not eat donuts very often so the fluffy glazed donut was a nice change. I was also expecting it to be harder and flatter since when I do eat donuts, I usually have them from Dunkin’ Donuts rather than a specialty donut spot or bakery. It was satisfying for a plain glazed donut and the oreo crumbles broke up the smooth texture, adding crunch into the mix.

I would recommend Stuffed Ice Cream NYC if you’re looking for a different way to enjoy ice cream. Let’s be honest, there’s a slim chance one could get tired of ice cream but if you ever did, you’re welcome! *Throws glitter and exits.*

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