Vinnie’s Pizzeria

You ever stumble upon really cool food spots and wonder why they’re not more popular? And then you realize the less people know, the better? Because that means more yumminess for you? That’s how I felt when I first discovered Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brookly, NY. They make a specialty pie with an adorable topping! I figured I could no longer keep this a secret because they deserve more business and hype!

Behold, Vinnie’s Famous Pizza on Pizza! That’s right! A large pie of cheese pizza topped with mini slices of cheese pizza. You can never have too much pizza, right? When I first saw this on their menu, I was mind-blown. It sounded like such a revolutionary idea. The fact that Vinnie’s Pizzeria is a local shop, too, is even more impressive. NY style pizza and creativity? 10/10!

Let’s talk about the technicalities: the flavors and textures. Vinnie’s Pizzeria being local gives them the upper hand. They use fresh ingredients and make fresh dough. I thought one slice would consist of too much dough, but it’s not at all. Their dough is thin yet fluffy. The sauce thin but there- just the way I like it. The cheese is rich and gooey. You’ll be in for the cheese pull of your life! Vinnie’s adds parsley to garnish their pizza which adds more flavor but also cuts the richness which is much appreciated.

Overall, I recommend trying Vinnie’s Famous Pizza on Pizza! Even if you end up getting another slice or pie, their pizza is sure to not disappoint.

There’s nothing like greasy cheesy New York pizza!


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