Universal Studios: Taste of Universal

In California, theme parks like Disneyland and Universal Studios faced safety restrictions during the pandemic. Although they are starting to lift some restrictions as COVID cases plummet, amusement parks had some creative alternatives. At Universal Studios, guests experienced a “Taste of Universal”. They purchased tickets which covered the park entry fee and 5 food vouchers from the whimsical sections of the park. We purchased tickets and ate our way through Universal Studios!

First stop: The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Everyone likes butterbeer, no matter what house you belong to! 🍺

Upon entering Universal Studios, we went straight to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. No, we are not huge HP fans (sorry to disappoint), but there’s so much rage around butterbeer. It was basically mandatory to try it. This was our first time trying butterbeer and we were surprised to like it! It’s like root beer and toffee syrup had a baby. A very delicious baby!










We exited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and hit up Springfield. The Simpsons is one of our favorite shows of all-time. We grew up watching Homer, Bart, and all the other characters. The show always highlighted the Krusty Burger and I remember sitting at home, dreaming about trying one.

Springfield at Universal Studios was nothing short of magical! It immersed us into the show as we stepped into the Krusty joint and got Krusty burgers. They were amazing, bursting with flavor. The toppings and sauces enhanced the juiciness which explained why the Simpsons characters loved it here! Krusty burgers are a must-try at Universal Studios.

Of course we found tacos!

After scarfing down our burgers, we did some exploring around the park. We popped into some shops, got some souvenirs, and took in the playful atmosphere. Next thing we knew, we were at a Mexican food stand! We ordered some elote, chicken tacos, and chicharrón. Mexican street food thrown in the mix gave the perfect balance of flavors for foodies like us.

A Splendid Discovery: Minions café

Like the labs of “Despicable Me!”








We strolled in Universal and saw kids walking around with edible creations shaped like Stuart. We were intrigued and found out that they sold them at the Minions Café. The café resembled Gru’s laboratories! They made banana pudding cups that looked like minions- how fitting of banana pudding! We also got chicken and bacon mac and cheese and enjoyed the “Despicable Me” section.

Last Stop: Lard Lad Donuts

The huge donut associated with Homer Simpson!

                       At that point, we had used up most of our Taste of Universal vouchers. Before we left, we knew that we had to take home a Lard Lad’s donut. We definitely had to pay homage to the world famous donuts of the Simpsons.

    We got Homer’s classic pink donut to go. It was gigantic, enough to feed at least 5 people. The donut itself tasted of strawberries and sugar. It was the perfect way to end our day at Universal Studios.



If you have the chance to visit Universal Studios Hollywood, you should 110% go! We seized the opportunity to explore the park, even though we couldn’t go on rides. Eating our way through Universal Studios was a unique experience that we won’t forget!

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