Time Out Market NYC

Time Out magazine recently brought its worldwide food market to New York City! With vendors and chefs from the best eateries in the city, Time Out has made them available in one spot in the heart of Brooklyn: Dumbo. While the food options are unique to us, Time Out magazine has previously created market locations in Lisbon and Miami with foods that are local to those cities. I knew I had to experience this momentary foodie adventure for myself!

1st stop: Avocaderia’s chill out toast loaded with mashed avocado, lime, chili peppers, sea salt, hemp seeds, and black pepper.


Avocado enthusiasts (aka me) whenever they see anything that includes avocados.











I had a look at the food lineup before I made my way to the market and my eyes darted towards Avocaderia, a restaurant that was all-things avocado and that was on my foodie list for a year now being an avocado enthusiast. Naturally, this was the first thing I got. Even though it was a piece of overpriced toast with mashed up fruit on it, I knew I would regret it if I gave up the chance to try it. Honestly speaking, homemade avocado toast is just as good and definitely even better than Avocaderia’s toast, but they do load on creamy avocado spread and the hemp seeds plus chili flake combo sets the crunch apart from any avocado toast I’ve ever made.

Next, I tried the Nashville hot chicken sandwich from Jacob’s Pickles. 🐔 My beverage of choice was an acai smoothie from Loco Coco.

After demolishing the toast, I walked around the venue, passing tables, bars, and stalls of famous names like Ice and Vice and DŌ. My eye caught Jacob’s Pickles and it rang the “famous Southern food” bell in my head. I scoured the menu and landed on their chicken sandwich without hesitation. To my surprise, it didn’t really taste like southern chicken. It had more of an Indian-spiced flavor to it as if it were enhanced with turmeric or some kind of curry powder. The sour pickles on the sandwich were also interesting as I’ve only ever had dill pickles in my life. My biggest criticism would have to be the bread; the chefs were better off pairing this huge sandwich with a hardy rustic bread because this dough got soggy way too fast and fell apart. Jacob’s Pickles was a let down for me. The vegan acai smoothie I got to go with it, on the other hand, was quite good. The black color alarmed me at first, but I didn’t mind it once I tasted acai mixed with banana. It was refreshing after sampling the Nashville hot sandwich.

Rooftop view of Dumbo. 😍

Unfortunately, Jacob’s Pickles filled me up so I couldn’t try more of what I saw! I wandered my way further through the venue and discovered a rooftop where there were more vendors and an outside seating area. The view was literally the perfect embodiment of Dumbo, allowing equal vision of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge (which I feel steals the attention from the actual bridge in tourists’ pictures). Dumbo’s carousel, park, and city skyline could not be missed for city goers and tourists who would probably go searching for them. Taking in this view was my favorite part.

All in all, I would say that Time Out’s market is worth the trip. The food may not all be worth it in price and flavor, but the experience of famous trendy food is there at your fingertips with hidden gems in the mix. You have to go to the rooftop as well- it makes for great pictures and it allows you to take in all that Brooklyn has to offer!

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