Tikka Indian Grill

Nothing hits the spot quite like Indian food. I know many people’s “first time trying Indian food” experiences haven’t been that great. I’ve heard all the stories, from too strongly spiced to overwhelmingly peppery.  Some people just don’t like the flavor palate and that’s okay. However, I can assure you that once you have that amazing Indian food experience, your perspective will change. Tikka Indian Grill here in Queens, NY is sure to do just that for you.

Tikka Indian Grill is a local but authentic Indian food spot. They have several locations throughout NYC in Brooklyn and Queens. The restaurant supports community vendors but also cooks with spices straight from India! Tikka Indian Grill is diverse as they pull flavors from all regions of India. They also offer vegetarian, vegan ,and gluten-free options which caters to multiple dietary needs. What could be better?

What we got:

Classic chicken tikka masala 👌🏼

Close up of the black pepper chicken 😋









We ordered the chicken tikka masala and black pepper chicken curry. We wanted to try some other dishes like their lamb chops, but the chicken had our hearts! Both dishes smelled amazing when they came out. They were served with garlic naan, regular naan, and jasmine rice.

The chicken tikka was super creamy and delightful. The curry was on the thick side, just the way I like it. The chicken was soft and everything just melted in your mouth. Scooped up with naan and absorbed into the rice, it made for the perfect meal to tuck into.

I had never had Indian black pepper chicken, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. However, I was pleasantly surprised. This curry was infused with curry leaves and green chilies. Not only did it have a kick to it, but it was also fresh and light. Its freshness cut through the decadence since this dish was also rich and creamy.

The Verdict

Overall, I would definitely recommend checking out a Tikka Indian Grill. Their outdoor dining set up is fun and romantic with stringy lights for the summer scenery. Grab a seat while you still can! Regardless, you’ll want to try their curries and dishes because you’ll fall in love. Spice your palate up for the approaching season and eat happily! 🍽

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