Tiger Sugar

If you’re a boba fanatic or snack lover in general, then I’m sure you’ve heard of Tiger Sugar. Tiger Sugar is the original creator of the brown sugar bubble tea with a cream mousse and striped designs. Almost every local bubble tea shop now sells a brown sugar and cream variation, but there’s just something special about trying the OG recipe. People love Tiger Sugar for this reason, from its beginning in Taiwan to China, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Australia, and the US.

Tiger Sugar locations usually have long lines, like this one in Queens, NY! (IG: @wugglebutters)

You can imagine what their most popular boba flavor is. However, there are add-ins that you could mix in or opt out of with the brown sugar boba, such as tiger jelly, the cream mousse, and pearls. They also have a brown sugar coffee latte series, brown sugar chocolate series, and tea series which include black and green tea. For the summer, they released their drinks in slushie form and came out with ice cream bars. Not only that, but the striped design down the sides of the cup represent the tiger in Tiger Sugar. Talk about aesthetics!

Brown sugar chocolate boba (left) and the OG brown sugar boba (right) 😻

When I went, there wasn’t much of a line. Social distancing was enforced between customers and workers. I knew I had to try the original brown sugar boba, but I wanted to try another variation, too. As a proud chocoholic, I went with the brown sugar chocolate bubble tea.

The OG brown sugar boba was definitely worth trying.  It was rich, creamy, sweet but not too sweet, and the pearls were just the right size and tenderness. All of the flavors and textures combined were spectacular. The brown sugar chocolate boba was great, too, but it didn’t wow me like the original flavor. It was topped with chocolate malt powder. The textures were on point but the flavor resembled chocolate milk. Nonetheless, I was happy with both choices.

Overall, I would highly recommend a trip to a Tiger Sugar shop near you. It’s not just any other bubble tea spot. Their boba is one of a kind. Sometimes I find that boba pearls can be too hard or the flavors are a bit off, but there is no hit or miss here. Tiger Sugar’s brown sugar bubble tea is always going to be a hit! Get your boba on and try it for yourself!

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