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The Gully NYC

The Gully NYC is perfect for those of you who LOVE spicy food. Indian food is something quite tricky for me. I, for one, love Indian food but I can’t handle the spice! I know, I know, it’s very disappointing but it’s the truth. The Gully NYC does not play when it comes to spicy Indian food, and I learned that the hard way.

We decided to go to the Gully because of its colorful interior design, nostalgic music, and mouth-watering food! I ordered one of their specialties,  the Chicken Tikka Mac and Cheese, and paired it with a mango lassi. The Chicken Tikka Mac and Cheese are “succulent chicken tikka morsels and elbow macaroni in [their] creamy 3-cheese sauce.” It tasted really good, but at times it felt a little too cheesy for my liking. Sometimes I couldn’t even pick out the chicken. The chicken was really spicy for me, but I’m glad I had my mango lassi to calm my nerves. It was my first time trying lassi, which is basically a smoothie with yogurt in it. It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever drunk but at the moment it helped combat the heat!

My friend ordered their Chicken Tikka Masala which came with a side of biryani rice. He paired his meal with seltzer water. His meal also tasted really good, but the spice was way too much for him to handle. This is someone who has a high spice tolerance too! He decided he’d finish this meal at home. Next, he ordered some buttered naan (which was my favorite thing because I absolutely LOVE naan!) and chicken samosas (which I forgot to film, of course). I didn’t try the samosas, but he enjoyed them and said they were much more bearable to eat.

Overall, we decided that we liked the restaurant and that we’d come back again, we just wish that the menu had some indicator of how spicy their food is. The staff was nice and friendly, which is a big plus in my book! The inside is definitely Instagram-worthy: there’s a real Indian rickshaw, a painted wall featuring the legendary Amitabh Bachan and Rekha, a tree trunk, and the ceiling is covered in nostalgic South-Asian movie posters!

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