TAO Uptown

We’re back at TAO! After my first upscale TAO visit a few months ago, I knew I had to check out other locations. Last week I popped into TAO Uptown, this time for a casual late lunch. Luckily they had outdoor availability since NYC is still following outdoor dining guidelines. Indoor dining is for reserved parties, but the TAO ambience is still created for outdoor diners like myself.








As you may remember, TAO celebrates Thai and Asian cuisines as well as the Buddha. When you first enter the restaurant, you’ll find the Buddha fountain (right). Later in the evening, its colors illuminate the front room. My partner and I sat near a beautiful stone Buddha statue (left). It was decorated with lanterns on either side, creating a cool ambiance.

Cheers to the Tao-tini and bubbles & berries cocktails!

First we had to get cocktails. TAO makes some of the best mixed cocktails. My partner got the infamous Tao-tini cocktail and I ordered the bubbles and berries drink. The Tao-tini has fresh notes of mango liquor, cranberry, and lime. The bubbles and berries cocktail is shines with sparkling wine and strawberries. Our flavorful cocktails set us up perfectly for our main course.

Drumroll please…..

I chose the Thai sweet and spicy shrimp with jasmine white rice. My partner chose the crispy orange chicken with the same side. They battered the shrimp, making them fluffy. They were accompanied by bell pepper and pineapple coated in sauce. The orange chicken was sweet and sticky. Baby bok choy were the perfect accompaniment to each luxurious bite with rice. After lunch, we were both fully satisfied.

At the end of the day, this TAO Uptown experience was nothing less of my expectations. This goes to show the versatility of TAO, from upscale dining to leisurely lunching. If you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for?

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