Tao Downtown

You may or may not have heard of Tao if you’re a frequent instagrammer, but it’s more likely that you’re familiar with its elaborate Buddha statue. The upscale Tao restaurants span from NYC to LA, Vegas, and Chicago. In NYC, Tao has two locations, one uptown and one downtown.  All restaurants across the states stay true to the Asian-American cuisine and they are each equipped with secret nightclubs under the vast eating space. However, New York’s Tao restaurants are that much more special because their huge Buddha statues take the front stage in the dining room. Tao Uptown presents a beautiful Buddha statue that reflects light from the pool below. Tao Downtown, which is where we dined, is decorated with a female Buddha statue, Quan Yin, that stands from the ceiling to the floor above a delicate koi fish pond.

As I mentioned, the food is Asian-inspired but by no means authentic. You can find dinner items such as chicken satay, tuna poke, a variety of dim sum fillings, many options of sushi and sushimi rolls, soups, pork fried rice, noodles, and much more. 🍣  Tao Downtown leans more towards catering to adults, so you can imagine that their cocktail and drinks menu is worth checking out. Some of their most popular drinks are the berry Tao-tini, citrus-infused lychee martini, and the gingery ruby red dragon. You can expect a lot of their drink options to be as fruity as nature’s fruits.

I ordered the Tao-tini and the sizzling sweet soy sauce chicken. 🍸

People also come to Tao for their desserts alongside the scenery and Asian cuisine. The dessert menu has exotic favorites, from yuzu crème brûlée to fruity sorbets. It’s a great idea to dine here for special events such as a birthday or other types of celebrations because they have an elaborate chef’s platter. The centerpiece of the platter is a giant fortune cookie filled with mousse- and yes, it does come with fortunes for each guest! The platter also comes with assorted fruits, bread pudding doughnuts with caramel sauce, a chocolate-encased molten lava cake, and sorbets. It is truly a show-stopping sight. 🥠🍰

(Left to right) We had the elaborate chef’s dessert platter! Isn’t she a beauty? 😍

All in all, Tao Downtown should definitely make it to your food bucket list this year. Don’t let its reputation of casual-upscale dining scare you away; save a NYC location for a special occasion that you feel it’s appropriate to treat yourself, your friends, or your family. Due to their high activity during the weekends, Tao only seats guests by reservations. You can make reservations through their website. Keep in mind that there is a nightclub at the downtown location so guests under 18 can’t be in the area after a certain time, but again, the website has you covered with details. Namaste! ☸️


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