Tamashii Ramen

, anWe all know and love Cup Noodles ramen. With their many chicken, beef, and even cheesy flavors, Cup Noodles are usually our go-to Asian noodles. I decided it was time to try true authentic ramen. Japanese ramen combines pungent ingredients like miso, seaweed, and fish. I went to Tamashii Ramen in Forest Hills, Queens for their delectable ramen.

Loaded tamashii ramen (left) and kani salad bao buns (right).

Tamashii Ramen had many options of ramen and topping options. Popular Japanese ramen are miso ramen, chasyu ramen, and champon ramen. Chasyu ramen is loaded with pork and champon ramen is seafood galore. There was even a curry ramen of noodles and curry. I ordered the classic tamashii ramen. It had shio ramen, chasyu, menma, seaweed, scallions, and egg. I also got kani bao buns on the side.

The tamashii ramen was a clean tasting soup. It was more salty, which is how shio ramen tastes. The noodles were buttery and easy to eat. I’m not a fan of seaweed, pork, and soft boiled egg, but they worked well. They balanced the salty flavors of the ramen broth. This was also my first time trying kani buns. The kani salad came between steamed bao buns. It was fresh tasting with the crab meat and veggie salad. Overall, these flavors were different from what I’m used to, but they were delightful. I would highly recommend you try some authentic ramen!

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