You’ve probably heard of (or read if you scroll on Instagram often) Taiyaki if you live in one of the hotspot cities like New York City and Miami. Taiyaki is now a big franchise that has several locations in the western hemisphere, but Japan is the originator of this fun ice cream treat. Taiyaki has japanese roots, literally translating to fried fish. After being popular in the East Asian world for so long, westerners finally caught on and brought it to the west and used ice cream flavors that are more palatable to us non-traditionalists like vanilla instead of red bean.

Taiyaki’s chocolate ice cream dusted with malted chocolate powder, drizzled with chocolate sauce and accented with a chocolate wafer straw. YUM!

All of Taiyaki’s creations are oh-so instagrammable, but I had my eye on the unicorn one with pink hued ice cream topped with a unicorn horn. I went to the Williamsburg location and found out it was a seasonal summer masterpiece, so I went for the next best thing- chocolate!

The chocolate ice cream was piled high on the fish shaped cone, which doesn’t taste like fish by the way. Some people may get that impression, but it’s made of a sweet custard-like batter. There was also chocolate malt powder which I thought was going to be bitter cocoa powder, chocolate syrup, and a chocolate wafer straw. The ice cream was like cold velvet in my mouth that just went down smoothly. The flavor combined with the add-ons provided just the right amount of chocolatey goodness. The cone was amazing in itself; I almost wanted to get a cone by itself because it was like a crêpe batter being kissed with sugar but not too much. It may not look like it, but the whole creation was balanced perfectly in terms of sweetness.

10/10 would recommend Taiyaki NYC or any location of the chain. You’d get to knock out two birds with one stone- a bomb picture for your Instagram and try an [assimilated] Asian take on ice cream in a yummy fish cone!

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