Sweet Chick

Chicken and waffles. Where do those words teleport you to? It must be to somewhere in the south, like the state known for its sweet peaches (Georgia) or the one made popular by Mardi Gras, beignets, and Disney’s Princess and the Frog (New Orleans).

Disney’s Princess and the Frog capturing New Orleans’ culture of music and unity.

This southern local vibe is what I was getting when I went to Sweet Chick in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The restaurant played old American hits by artists like MJ, John Lennon and some that I didn’t know, but it all set the mood for my first real chicken and waffles experience. I call it my “first real” experience because I had had chicken tenders and waffles from American diners before, but never from a specialty restaurant that served bone-in chicken thighs and drumsticks with flavored waffle batter. That, to me, is the real deal.

This is the classic chicken and waffles (the waffle batter containing pecans) from Sweet Chick.

Honestly, I don’t know if Sweet Chick’s chicken and waffles were just that unbelievable or if I was just missing out on the authentic stuff, but this is something you have to try for yourself. The chicken was so tender yet crispy on the outside and it just fell off the bone. It looked so simple, but still have never had a fried chicken that was that flavorful. I asked for the Belgium waffles to be speckled with pecans and that didn’t take away from their soft melt-in-your-mouth texture. The order came with 3 flavors of butter: cherry, lemon, and herbed butter. The lemon butter on the waffle was my favorite combo because it reminisced lemon bars. Best of all, I also got WARM maple syrup! If you know, you know.

My first southern-inspired chicken and waffles experience was amazing. All I would recommend is that you have the time on your hands to sit there and cut up each piece of chicken to go with each sliver of waffle. Oh, and don’t forget the napkins on standby- you’ll need them for that warm runny syrup. Other than that, Sweet Chick gets 2 thumbs up from me for bringing this southern soul food to the east coast. 👍👍

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