Summer Barbecuing

Summer is at its peak, but unfortunately, the current pandemic still thriving. While many states are in phase 3, the summer vibes are not the same. Outdoor dining and curbside pickup only satisfy us so much. Take advantage of the sun by hosting a barbecue for your loved ones. It will allow you all to take in this summer in a different way!

Each family has their own way of throwing barbecues. They are usually done in backyards with large crowds. This time, my family decided to take our set up to the park. We went to Bear Mountain State Park to escape the suburban scenery. Bear Mountain is greenery for miles with mountains overlooking the lakes below. The view is seriously breathtaking! 😍

The mountains at sunset!

As for the food, we had a barbecue-picnic mashup. We brought Spanish rice, limey guacamole, and creamy potato salad made from home. At the park, we grilled turkey burgers and shrimp skewers. We also barbecued chicken and spicy lamb chops. Of course we had snacks and drinks such as cookies and strawberry lemonade.

To make things even more fun, we threw a camping flare into the mix! At sunset, we made s’mores over our grill flame. It was the perfect way to top off our hot day outdoor. It felt authentic to our usual summer days while using masks and hand sanitizer. Get outside and spice up your summer activities with the great outdoors!

COVID can’t stop our barbecue-picnic-camping fun!

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