Spot Dessert Bar

Cue “Summer of ’69” and all other feel-good summer jams.🌞 With the pandemic still around, it is undeniably relieving to know that summer is here. Better yet, that we are moving towards welcoming summer the right way. Our favorite restaurants and bars are practicing safe measures to provide memorable experiences. Spot Dessert Bar now offers outdoor dining to soak in the summer sun!

This was a dine-in moment, but wouldn’t the plating look much nicer outdoor?!

Spot Dessert Bar has several popular locations throughout NYC. They specialize in a fusion of Thai-Vietnamese desserts and sweet drinks such as bubble tea. Their approach embraces nature, hence the dessert in the flower pot above. Above is the harvest, which is Oreo crumbles over cheesecake and berries. You “water” the harvest with cold earl grey tea and finish it all off with raspberry sorbet. Spot Dessert Bar is all about eating with an experience.


Other popular items on their menu are the golden toast and milky puff. The golden toast takes toast to a new level! It is drizzled with honey and plated with strawberries and condensed milk ice cream. The milky puff has pastry topped with brΓ»lΓ©ed bananas, white chocolate honeycomb, corn flakes and condensed milk ice cream. You can check out more of their delicious items here!

Spot Dessert Bar was open for takeout and delivery during NYC’s lockdown. Now, they welcome us back with outdoor dining to ensure everyone’s safety. Be sure to check them out for a fun summer adventure with your fellow foodies! Happy (outdoor) dining!

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