Spicy chicken has become a world-wide obsession. The Soul Swirl team are die-hard fans of this trend. For us, we’ve been eating spicy chicken for most of our lives. The spicy chicken trend is a fun way to learn about more spices and unique ways to enjoy chicken. Spice-C in Tustin, CA is a popular spicy chicken joint. They serve up mouth-watering chicken!

Spice-C fans gather at the District Tustin shopping area.

Spice-C makes halal chicken tenders, chicken sandwiches, and fries. They fry their meat to crispy perfection and tossed it in a spice blend of your choice. Spice-C has mild, medium, hot, extra hot, and reaper. Their reaper flavor is so deadly that they make you sign a waiver before ordering anything reaper! They make their own comeback sauce to help cool down your tongue. Spice-C tenders come with white toast and all chicken are accompanied by refreshing pickles. They try their best to lessen the burn, but it’s ultimately your choice in the heat challenge.

Hot tender to keep things safe!

Reaper chicken tender and a classic reaper sandwich. 🔥










The Reaper:

My friend decided he wanted to feel the wrath of the spicy chicken. He ordered a reaper tender and reaper chicken sandwich. He seemed to underestimate the heat of Spice-C chicken! His entire mouth was on fire after two bites of the tender. His tongue burned and his lips tingled. He tried the sandwich hoping that the pickles and lettuce would ease the pain, but the heat only intensified! He was impressed with the Spice-C reaper and finished it with tears in his eyes.


I, on the other hand, ordered one Spice-C hot tender.  I was so glad that I did! It was bearable, but still spicier than my tolerance. The comeback sauce helped, and so did loads of water! The tenders and toast were big and filling. The toast was fluffy and slightly sweet, complimenting the chicken well. I was satisfied with my meal as I enjoyed the flavors of the spice blend.

All in all, Spice-C is a definite recommendation. If you love spicy chicken and you’re in the west coast, you have to visit their restaurant. They have classic sides as well such as their creamy coleslaw if you require sides with your tenders and sandwiches. Happy eating! 🥪

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