Spanky’s Food Factory

Spanky’s Food Factory (commonly known as “Spanky’s”) in Garden City Park, New York takes a unique spin on “restaurant culture”. Spanky’s is a local family-owned business, so you know they serve good food. The owners started by cooking for their friends and family, and they still do. Eat here multiple times and you become family as well because the workers even take the time to learn your name!

Not only that but Spanky’s values customer contribution. If you’ve got a great food idea or combo, pitch it to the workers and owners and you might find your dish on their menu. How exciting is that?! This is why their menu is so fun and creative, from loaded fries to fried ribs.

Our personal favorite: lemon pepper and blazing buffalo wings with celery, ranch, and fries! 😋

Spanky’s is loved for many reasons, but especially for its juicy wings both boneless and traditional style. With over 10 flavors for a local spot, that’s quite impressive. Their wings are freshly made and you can taste the difference.  If you’re not sure which flavor to try, you can get multiple small orders to sample because they are inexpensive, too. Flavors that pack a punch but doesn’t hurt your wallet? Sign me up!

If you’re in the New York area, Spanky’s is definitely worth a visit for their wings or any other menu item that piques your interest. The trip is also worth it for the welcoming environment. You can check out their full menu here. If you can’t make the drive, they also deliver via UberEats and DoorDash with more precautions than ever during this paranoid time in our lives. Grab some grub from good old Spanky’s, you won’t regret it!


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