Snowdays NYC

Summer is right around the corner and we know you’ll need to have some ways to cool off right in your back pocket! A local shaved cream shop called Snowdays in Forest Hills, Queens has you covered. Think of shaved cream as a low-calorie alternative to decadent ice cream. It’s a treat that you can feel good about eating this summer…(depending on the toppings you choose of course).

Me: *claims that shaved cream is healthier than ice cream Also me and my friends: *gets the most indulgent toppings*

The inspiration behind Snowdays is to shed light on the culture of more traditional Asian shaved cream. The franchise produces items closer to its roots, selling mochi ice cream which they brand mochi snowballs and offering toppings such as red beans, grass jelly, and Pocky. Snowdays still caters to those of us who are not too fond of such strong traditional Asian flavors, offering coconut-based cream for vegans and toppings which we are familiar with such as Oreos and nuts.

Our beautiful creations! You can spot Jenga in the back, thoughtfully provided by the store as we eat our shaved cream and play. Their spoons are also color changing! You can see a bit of purple at the base where the spoons are inserted into the cream.

My friends and I tend to lean towards the non-Asian flavor palette when it comes to desserts, so we each got our own shaved cream bowls. I got chocolate shaved cream with a chocolate drizzle, Oreos, and Pocky. Chocolate for the win. 👐 One of my friends requested sweet milk cream topped with a chocolate drizzle as well and walnuts. The other also asked for a sweet milk base, a condensed milk drizzle, and fruity pebbles cereal. We sampled each other’s as friends do and honestly, each combination was tasty in itself. The creamy milk base wasn’t very sweet; it had just the right amount of sweetness and the texture was kind of like freshly fallen snow (I know we’ve all caught snow with our tongues when we were kids).  The toppings balanced out the sugars in the dessert, re-adding the sugar in the form of different textures and flavors.

Here you can see Snowdays’ most unique flavor of shaved cream, which is why they based their mascot around it: the Yeti cream. It consists of crushed Oreos and blueberries. Ultimately, the franchise aims to teleport you back to your childhood snow days when school would be closed and your imagination would run wild. The company’s snow-like cream captures this whimsical idea with the help of Eddy the Yeti, color changing spoons, and nostalgic games such as Jenga and Monopoly.

Winter or summer, which I think is more appropriate for the cooling treat, be sure to check out Snowdays NYC to experience the magic! Their Forest Hills location is most local to Queens, but if Manhattan is local for you, there is a storefront in East Village. Their Instagram page has more information plus enticing pictures of possible creations you could try during your visit!

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