Last Saturday I went to Smorgasburg for the first time ever! Smorgasburg is a weekly food festival held every weekend in New York City. Local vendors from all over the city come to Smorgasburg to share their great food.  The location of the festival depends on which day you decide to go. On Fridays it’s at the World Trade Center, on Saturdays it’s at the East River State Park in Williamsburg, and on Sundays it’s at Prospect Park in Breeze Hill. Since it was Saturday for my friends and I, we went to Williamsburg. I was so excited to be going for the first time ever!

We chose a bad day in spring to go to Smorgasburg. It was on the colder, gloomy and windy side, but we still decided to go in hopes of the weather getting better. Plus we were excited for all the tasty food!

Me excited for the food

Even though the weather was bad, the place was still packed. First we decided to scope it out, and see what kinds of food were being sold. Prior to going to the festival, I saw a picture of these cute fluffy pancakes on Instagram that I was dying to try. It was hard to see what was being sold because all of the vendors’ signs were hard to see since they weren’t very high up and were being blocked by the crowds. After a lot of searching, I finally found the pancake vendor!

Fluffy Crème Brûlée Pancake!

Of course I had to Snap my cute pancake! Who goes to Smorgasburg and doesn’t snap their food? This pancake was one of the best pancakes ever. It was so fluffy and creamy with just the right amount of sweetness. The vendor I bought it from is called Fluffy’s NYC. When I went that day, they had three pancake options: Blueberry, Nutella, and Crème Brûlée. They all come with a dollop of whipped cream on the side. I paid $10 for my pancake.

After the pancake, I wanted to try something to drink now. Next stop was John’s Juice!

Watermelon and strawberry juice!

John’s Juice does not believe in cups! All of their drinks are sold in fruit, just like this one. That day they were selling only the watermelon and pineapple drinks. The watermelon was so refreshing. It would have been the perfect drink on a hot, sunny day. The drink was amazing, but I did not consider how heavy it would be. I needed both of my hands to carry it and could not buy other foods without fear of dropping it. I actually did spill it on my sweater trying to hold it up against the wind. It cost me $10. John’s Juice also gave refills for $2.

My last stop was to get pizza cupcakes.

Pizza Cupcakes!

I got these cute little treats from The Pizza Cupcake. I never thought I could taste an entire pizza in such small bite-sized treats. They had the perfect balance of cheese and tomato sauce. I didn’t get to eat these fresh out of the oven because of how cold the weather was. I did microwave it when I got home, and it was still pretty good. Even though they’re small, they’re also super-filling. I got 4 cupcakes for $12.

That was all I got to try out from Smorgasburg because we couldn’t bare with the weather anymore. We decided to go home. It was too cold, and it made all of our food cold too. Overall, I think my favorite thing from this trip was the fluffy pancakes. We do plan on going back when the weather gets nicer. I can’t wait for next time!

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