Smashburger is one of those places that feels like elevated fast food. They provide restaurant style and restaurant worthy food. Of course, their most popular item are their burgers. They are known for being freshly smashed off the grill and loaded with toppings. One bite of a Smashburger burger and your perception of burgers will change forever.

So these are not burgers, but their chicken sandwiches are just as rave-worthy!

My favorite items from their menu are their chicken sandwiches. Their burgers are worth the hype, but so are the chicken sandwiches. They’re perfectly crispy, light, and flavorful all in one. My all-time favorite is the avocado bacon club crispy chicken sandwich. I also tried a customized spicy baja grilled chicken sandwich.

The avocado bacon crispy chicken sandwich is my favorite due to the avocado topping! I got it without applewood smoked bacon and it was just as delicious. The ranch and avocado toppings add the right amount of creaminess. The fresh tomato and lettuce cut through that, balancing the flavors and textures. As for the spicy baja grilled chicken sandwich, that was customized with watercress and no guacamole. The melted pepperjack cheese and caramelized onions make this special. The grilled chicken is juicy. Together, they create the perfect harmony of saucy goodness!

Don’t sleep on Smashburger. Get your grub on and maybe try a different item. The chicken sandwiches are top tier. Also, celebrate National Cheeseburger Day on October 18th with a $5 double classic smash. If you’re a burger lover, you need to revisit Smashburger asap!

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