Red Lobster

Okay, so Red Lobster isn’t as unique to NYC as the other places I’ve written about on here,ย butย that doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve recognition. Fast food and restaurant chains seem to get a bad rep solely due to their nature, yet this can lead to people missing out on some hidden gems (and usually bargains) on these menus. For example, Red Lobster’s Ultimate Feast yields you a lobster tail, a cluster of snow crab legs, shrimp scampi, and two sides. That’s a STEAL if you ask me!

All up close and personal in that lobster tail which is served on a bed of wild rice and surrounded by crab legs, variations of shrimp, tartar sauce and butter.

I went with my sister from another mother, Shiv, to introduce her to seafood cuisine and for a pre-birthday celebration. The only seafood she was acquainted with were shrimp and calamari, and I couldn’t let her continue to age without experiencing the delicious taste of lobster and crab. I recommended the Ultimate Feast because of the varieties it offered; if Shiv ended up not liking the lobster nor crabs, she could enjoy the shrimp scampi and popcorn shrimp we ordered as a side. Like I said, it really is a bang for your buck because although the portions of each additions are only enough for about one adult, the three types of seafood provided in that one meal amounts to less than $40. If you were to buy a pound of shrimp, lobster, and crabs each, your total would probably be way more than $35.

Me ordering the Ultimate Feast every time I go to Red Lobster …

Fortunately, she ended up liking the taste of lobster! In my opinion, I would say it’s an acquired taste but perhaps her tastebuds had developed the taste for seafood through shrimp and calamari. Butter is also essential for me, but she didn’t find it to be so helpful to the taste which was interesting. She had fun cracking the crabs, too, which is an experience all on it’s own. (I’ll admit that I’m not the best at using the crab cracker for that perfect separation…) Shiv ended up enjoying the taste of snow crabs as well, without butter again- what a healthy child she is.

We also ordered a brownie sundae for the pre-birthday celebrating which was almost too pretty to eat.

The ice cream. The chocolate drizzle. The rich cocoa brownie. This one takes the crown. ๐Ÿ‘‘

This wasย myย first time having dessert from Red Lobster and the quality was up to par with their seafood! I don’t think you could really go wrong with a gooey warm brownie that’s dotted with chocolate chips that begin to melt as the batter bakes. Top it off with whipped vanilla ice cream and a warm chocolate drizzle, and that’s how you’ll take my money. Well done, Red Lobster.๐Ÿ‘

Red Lobster has yet to fail me and I’m a proud supporter of their quality of food. I think Shiv can agree on this one; they’re the reason she likes lobster and crab now! Here’s to new foodie experiences with celebratory birthdays!

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