Queens Bully

You know when those barbecue cravings hit? Not just the hankering for plain ol’ barbecue wings or barbecue flavored chips- I’m talking about the mouth-watering, thick saucy barbecue chicken and ribs. The hefty stuff that you find at backyard summer parties. Unfortunately, it’s currently winter and the days of firing up the grill are far ahead, but this is where Queens Bully comes to your rescue. The restaurant in Forest Hills, Queens screams barbecue grub with their meaty selections of pulled pork, rack of ribs, whole chicken. Not to mention that their sides complete the southern/summer comfort food feel with indulgent mac and cheese, potato salad, Texas toast, cornbread, and much more.

The spread of mac and cheese, wings, ribs and potato salad 🍽️

I ordered their good ol’ bbq wings (love that for a flavor name), bully baby back ribs that came with Texas toast and potato salad, and their cheddar mac and cheese to which I added jalapeños. I felt like I was plopped right into some southern kitchen with the sight of the dishes all together. The ribs were smokey just as barbecue ribs should be, however I found that they weren’t as sticky and saucy as I would’ve liked. They were still great because Queens Bully’s signature barbecue sauce was served alongside. Some little fix ins such as pickles and fried cauliflower also came with the ribs and toast, allowing you to shred the meat and d.i.y. a sandwich which I thought was a fun idea. On top of that, their potato salad was the bomb.com.

A close up of the crusty cheesey goodness.

Let’s talk about that mac and cheese. As a lover of baked cheeses, it was a thing of beauty. The crispy edges are the best part of any baked casserole-type dish, no cap. The jalapeños actually made it spicy and I was grateful for that because many restaurants don’t serve spicy jalapeños. What was most intriguing about their mac and cheese was that it had a smokey taste to it which was something I had never experienced before. It was the same smokey flavor as the ribs; perhaps they make their mac with liquid smoke. Whatever it is, it was a delight indulge in, and indulge I did. Their portion sizes are quite decent, especially for such a rich skillet of mac.

The wings weren’t the highlight of this meal. I just felt that they were average. The sauce on the wings was similar but different than the one on the ribs; it was a bit sweeter but again it had that smokey waft. Queens Bully must really be heavy on hearty, smokey barbecue which I’m not complaining about. The flavors of their food really hit home to their entire feel and vibe of the restaurant: outdoorsy with the hint of nature provided by the wooden benches and hanging leaf pots, but also cozy and welcoming as their seats and space accommodates to large gatherings. If you’re looking to get your barbecue fix in- and I mean smokey hearty barbecue, then be sure to check out Queens Bully. They’re sure to satisfy the craving!

The interior design just makes me want to take all my friends out for some grub!

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