Orange Hill Restaurant & Events

When in Cali, you’ve got to dine at an upscale venue. If the restaurant has an outdoor are with the view, that’s even better. The views of the mountains, palm trees, and coastline down below can’t be beat. We found a beautiful restaurant during our trip called Orange Hill Restaurant and Events. The view of Orange County and Downtown LA was immaculate!

A breathtaking view.

Orange Hill Restaurant and Events ranks in as one of the best fancy restaurants in Orange County, CA. They specialize in steak and American cuisine. Orange Hill has both indoor and outdoor seating, so they have been practicing COVID dining guidelines before they were even in place. This is also an amazing spot to rent for special events, such as a wedding reception. The decor of the outdoor seating is like a dream with string lights and warm lanterns all around. Below the balcony level, you see cars in the distance and the bright city lights It truly feels surreal.

Fancy plates: salmon with garlic mashed potatoes, honey cornbread, and filet mignon with crispy mashed potatoes.

Our entrees were better than we could have ever imagined. My salmon was cooked to flaky perfection. The mashed potatoes were buttery and my broccoli crunched just the way I like it. My date had filet mignon and he said it was the best restaurant steak ever. He also got a slide of garlic mashed potatoes with crispy onions. If only you could have a bite through the screen! Our meal came with salted honey cornbread. My tummy was somersaulting at Orange Hill.

We topped the night off with wine and a cocktail. Orange Hill is definitely worth a visit. Cheers to a glass at the top of the hills!

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