OddFelllows Ice Cream

Okay, so at this point we all know that I love ice cream judging from my last few posts, or it may be an obsession but that’s besides the point. I wanted to tell you guys about this nifty ice cream shop I found yet again on Instagram. [Disclaimer: nearly all of the food places I take on are found through Instagram, so now that that’s clear, maybe I’ll be able to stop mentioning that in my posts.] OddFellows has several locations in NYC; I’m not sure if they expand to other states, but city goers are attracted to their unique flavors that change daily. It’s like walking into a surprise everyday. They also create savory flavors using a range of items from bacon to olive oil to liquid smoke. However, you can probably guess the flavor I gravitated towards at the Dumbo, Brooklyn shop.

OddFellows’ s’mores ice cream in a huge sugar waffle cone. This thing was heavy!

OddFellows’ vanilla bean and caramel ice cream sanwiched between two gigantic chocolate chip cookies.










I asked for the s’mores ice cream that was dotted with chocolate chunks,  softened marshmallows, and graham cracker crumbles. My boyfriend got a cookie ice cream sandwich that contained vanilla bean ice cream with caramel ribbons running through it. I know, we didn’t really venture out into the savory flavors the shop had to offer, but apparently we just wanted some good vanilla ice cream with chocolate accents. Don’t come for us.

My scoop and cone was unusually large which is a good and bad thing if you’re me. I have a rather small stomach capacity so I was unable to finish it by myself, but if you’re with a friend or boyfriend like I was, one scoop will fill you both up. The s’mores flavor didn’t exactly blow me away; it honestly reminded me of chocolate chip ice cream, but I did enjoy the graham cracker and marshmallow bites for a change. The ice cream sandwich didn’t wow us, either. It tasted like any chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, just drizzled with caramel syrup. Our decisions were good but not revolutionary which I know was out fault for picking those flavors we had had before.

Perhaps if you’re thinking about going to OddFellows, you should try one of the savory or non-typical flavors. I would go again to try something out of my comfort zone, maybe a smoked or herby flavor. The interior design of the Dumbo shop also has me convinced that I would like OddFellows if I went again.

The circus and old diner cross over of OddFellows was what drew me to go the first time and it still has me wanting to go again!

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