The day after Thanksgiving is always tough. After indulging in luscious turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, pies, and more, everyone’s go to line is “I never want to see food again!” We all know that’s a lie, but we can help our bodies recover from theΒ  sluggish mood the day after. One great way to beat the Thanksgiving hangover is by simply eating better! NTK in Glendale, NYΒ  has got your back with fresh smoothies, juices, and healthy bites such as acai bowls and wraps.

(Left to right) Berry Power smoothie, Fried Egg wrap, & Scrambled Egg sandwich. 🀀🀀🀀

Made with organic fruits and veggies, you can taste the quality in their food. NTK caters to all dietary needs from vegan-friendly to gluten free. They make good-for-you-food taste like awesome indulgent food, from breakfast sandwiches to paninis. For a healthy hearty breakfast, I ordered the NTK fried egg wrap which has avocado, turkey bacon, and tomatoes. I opted for a black bean tortilla for added protein and added rice for more sustenance. I also tried the NTK creamy pineapple smoothie with pineapple and berries- the best combo!

The NTK burrito was hefty! I’ve never had a breakfast burrito experience like this one before which was mainly due to the rice. However, the eggs had quite a bit of weight to them themselves which surprised me. Combined with the avocado and spicy mayo, each bite was just the right fuel for my long day ahead. The NTK Berry Power smoothie was also one of the best smoothies I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot! It takes the cake for being non-gritty and oh-so creamy. My boyfriend ordered their fluffy scrambled eggs sandwich. Again, it probably sounds like not a big deal, but something about NTK’s eggs is special! I think we can thank the organic eggs for the amazing texture.

Overall, I would highly highly recommend checking out NTK. They are a bit pricier than non-health food shops, but you pay for quality here. It’s a difference you can taste. Check out their menu on their website or places like Grubhub. NTK crushes the negative stigma against healthy food and makes it oh-so yummy!

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