Myungrang Hotdogs

Myungrang hotdogs are all the rage in the west coast. We can thank the countless YouTube mukbangs for that. While out in California, you just know we had to get our hands on some.

A secret crispy and chewy batter? Sign us up!


“Myungrang” means cheerful in Korean and that’s how you should feel when you bite into one of these! Myungrang Hotdogs make battered hotdogs with all sorts of fun fillings and toppings. They’re more like American corn dogs, but they even sometimes exclude the dog. You can find mozzarella in your dog or potato cubes on the outside. Myungrang fries them to crispy perfection, with the rice flour keeping them chewy as well. After frying, Myungrang seasons them with parmesan seasoning or sugar. The final touch is ketchup, mustard, honey, cheese sauce or even sweet chili sauce. The combinations are so wacky but so good!

A half-sausage-half-mozzarella hybrid.

We got two of the “mozzarella in the hodog” hotdogs. We couldn’t resist devouring the other dog within seconds- #sorrynotsorry. This dog had a hotdog at the bottom and mozzarella cheese at the top half. We chose a sugar coating and later drizzled on ketchup and mustard. I was not expecting this dog to be nearly as good as it was! The sugar gave it an extra crunch and complemented the cheese extremely well. All of the flavors and textures were like a match made in heaven.

The final verdict? Myungrang Hotdogs areΒ sooo worth it! If you live in California, you need to head over to a Korean dog spot near you and try one. They are truly amazing and will blow your mind! Don’t knock it till you try it, folks!

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