Bonjour, foodies! No matter what crazy new fads roll in, classics will remain classics.  Pastries of all kinds will forever be cult favorites- muffins, croissants, and dare I say macarons? These little cookies are anything but average. They were once reserved for the royals, hence why it’s such a thrill for all people to share the macaron-eating experience. Ladurée is one of the renowned macaron shops with several locations across the globe. Lucky for us, we have many Ladurée spots throughout NYC.

Flavors: coffee (left) and salted caramel (right).








Ladurée shops in NYC have been open for many years now but what’s even cooler is that they have locations in France as well.  Their style is luxury, offering us all a glimpse into the royal lifestyle.


Their macarons are pure perfection. Each cookie has the perfect crispy shell that’s chewy and soft on the inside. Each filling balances out the sweetness of the macaron, some giving a kiss of tartness such as their passion fruit macaron. We tried a variety of macarons, from coffee and salted caramel to cherry blossom. They are made in whimsical colors and are a beauty to the eye. Ladurée macarons are to die for.

The ethereal ceiling painting, the marble statue, and the draped curtains. This SoHo shop is a dream!

Ladurée shops take influence from the French culture. The ceiling painting gives royal palace vibes as well as the accented curtains and marble statue. These are pieces you’d see in the halls of the Palace of Versailles. The dining area is in the back of the room, setting the scene for afternoon tea time. The seating arrangements are even cuter with pastel-colored cushions, overhead umbrellas, and chandeliers.

You just have to check out Ladurée. Your standards for French macarons will sky rocket. They make other pastries, savory options such as finger sandwiches, and tea, of course. You can browse their website for locations across the U.S., menu options, gift ideas, and so on. Ladurée is the perfect spot for afternoon tea, a romantic date, or for grabbing some delicious pastries!

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