La Michoacana

La Michoacana would sound familiar to all of our Mexican readers. Others who don’t know what that means would be intrigued, which describes us writers! We are familiar with Spanish but your Soul Swirl bloggers are not fluent speakers. While in Cali, we learned that Michoacana means “the paleteria” or fresh ice cream shop. We walked into a La Michoacana and fell in love!

Like little kids at the ice cream shop taken in by the colorful displays!


Where else have you seen such exotic flavors?!







La Michoacana has several ice cream shops across California. They capture the essence of being home in Mexico and cooling down with homemade ice cream. This explains their fresh flavors such as guava and mango. They make it even more fun with flavors like limon con chamoy and chicle. They also create fruit cups and smoothies like the mangohelada. Mangohelada is a blend of mango, chamoy, and chilito. They pile on the fix-ins high with mango chunks and more tamarind chamoy. La Michoacana treats are sure to cool you down on a hot summer day.

This foodie had to try their tres leches ice cream. La Michoacana describes it as a vanilla-based ice cream with strawberry ripples and chunks of tres leches cake. How amazing does that sound?! They did not disappoint. The flavors were subtle and did not overpower each other. My favorite part had to be the bits of tres leches cake. I’m a sucker for cake! 🍰

Whether you love Mexican flavors or not, these fruity and nostalgic flavors will knock your socks off. Their ice cream is not too sweet like other shops and their fruit cups are oh-so refreshing. If you have a chance to visit a La Michoacana shop, you must try one of their creations!

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