Krave It

Krave It Sandwich Shop & Eatery in Bayside, New York could become your best friend if you let it. They are known for their sandwiches and pizza whose range of options is outrageous; they have over 30 pizza combinations and over 20 sandwich options! Their menu is honestly too long physically to count it all. From grilled cheese pizza to mac n’ cheese pizza to cheeseburger pizza, the pizza options go on and on and on. The sandwiches feature philly cheesesteak, cuban sandwiches, and a whole host of chicken sandwiches that are trademarked with fun names. 

The first shelf looks like it has the Queen’s Finest pizza with vodka sauce and fried chicken. On the second shelf is the Krave It FWC with chicken and waffles. The third row showcases their Fried Oreo pizza.

On the top shelf is their China King pizza with general tso’s chicken. The middle shelf row has their Number Uno pizza with cool ranch doritos on top. On the bottom shelf we have the Loaded Tater Tot pizza.


The pizza options were super overwhelming to me, but I did try a slice of the fried oreo pizza. I thought I wouldn’t have liked it because it had a base layer of cheese and then they laid on the fried oreos and powdered sugar. I ended up enjoying the flavors, the cheese being a salty compliment to sugary oreos loaded with more sugar. I also got my hands on one of the chicken sandwiches because I knew I would dream about Krave It if I didn’t.

Behold, Mr. Blvd. He enticed me with his description of honey sriracha fried chicken cutlers, fresh mozzarella, and jalapeños. #Thatcheesepullthough.

My favorite kinds of sandwiches consist of crusty toasted bread, gooey cheese, and flavorful chicken. Mr. Blvd hit all of those criterias within the first bite. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the honey sriracha sauce, but I love every ounce of it, even the bits that I had to lick off my fingers. It was probably the most simple chicken option compared to the rest and ever since tasting Mr. Blvd, I have made it a mission to try all of the chicken sandwiches that Krave It makes. I have probably only crossed about 4 others off the list, which is sad considering how many they offer. Krave It’s menu is for sure a challenge I’m willing to complete. Will you be brave enough to?

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