In-N-Out Burger

For our spring break, these east coast foodies met the west coast cuisine! It was our first time flying out to California, so naturally, we ate as much of their food as possible. We knocked out a lot of the most popular Californian restaurants and dishes. The top of our list was In-N-Out, because duh!!!

Behold, the classic In-N-Out burgers!


Do you peep the animal style fries? 😏










In-N-Out is simply praised for being the BEST burger joint in the west coast. Californians say there’s nothing that can compare. This includes our burgersΒ  in NYC, which is aΒ bold statement. NYC has amazing food and burgers, so our expectations for In-N-Out were high.

We got two classic hamburgers and animal style fries. The hamburgers are simple. A toasted bun, a patty, American cheese, tomato, onions, lettuce, and their notorious spread. The animal style fries come with American cheese, caramelized onions, and the In-N-Out spread. Our honest opinion? The hamburgers get an 8/10. They are a truly good classic burger, but the spread is a bit underwhelming. It’s basically a ketchup-mayo sauce with relish. The animal style fries get a 5/10. The problem with the fries is that they get soggy fast and clump together because of the toppings. Cold clumpy fries are not so yummy.

We’re glad we finally got to try In-N-Out and snap a classic 2013 Tumblr pic. Is it worth the hype? Not really, especially the spread. Compared to our burgers and fries in NYC, you’re not really missing out on much! Don’t tell the Californians, though. πŸ˜‰

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