Holiday Shakes at Shake Shack

The holidays are in full swing and the month-long festivities are not stopping anytime soon! We are Christmas baking  in the kitchen and gift shopping for other holidays. Even fast food restaurants partake in the holiday cheer, releasing limited-time items. Shake Shack is one of them with their holiday shakes!

The best shakes of all time, upgraded!

Shake Shack has the best fast food milkshakes. Their classic flavors received major upgrades. For the holidays, they brought out the Christmas cookie, chocolate spice, and candy cane marshmallow milkshakes. The Christmas cookie shake (above left) consists of sugar cookie custard, crumbled shortbread, and sprinkles. The chocolate spice contains cinnamon and chocolate cookies. The candy cane marshmallow shake mixes peppermint and marshmallow. Shake Shack blends each shake to perfection for the ideal winter treat.

Another limited-time item: the hot fire chicken sandwich! 

Another new  Shake Shack item is their hot fire chicken sandwich. While it isn’t a holiday item, it is available for a limited time. The classic chicken cutlet is elevated to spicy and hot. It is topped with pickles and juicy coleslaw.

  Additionally, Shake Shack released a winter citrusade, a citrus mix. Take key limes, blood orange, and Shake Shack’s lemonade and you get a delicious drink. It pairs perfectly with their hot fire chicken sandwich.

 Try them all today before these new treats are gone! Order for delivery or pick up through their website. Happy holidays!

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