If there was a perfect way to describe the wait for your food at any restaurant, it would be hangry. Hangry is anger from hunger, but you already knew that. Because we’ve all experienced a hangry state of mind. Even when you go to restaurants not that hungry, you get a little hangry when your waiter or waitress walks by with someone else’s drink or food. And when they walk by 5 more times before bringing out your items? 😡 The hangry is real. Luckily, a small pizzeria called Hangry won’t do that to you. Cheers to that!

Hangry, located in Long Island, NY, is a local pizzeria that puts their food over the top. They don’t stick to just pizza slices and garlic knots. They have specialty slices, mega presswiches, insane burgers, loaded hot dogs, and enticing wings. You can’t forget dessert with some churro bites and crazy shakes. Yup, they’ve thought of all the ways to cure your hangriness.

The Grub










I had high expectations for Hangry and they DELIVERED! We tried a loaded hot dog (left), although I can’t find this one on their menu. It had tater tots (my faves!), onions and peppers, and of course, a hot dog. It was drizzled with their signature Hangry sauce which is soooo worth the hype! It’s thick, sweet, spicy, sour, all in one! What more could you ask for in a sauce? 🤤 We also tried El Diablo specialty slice, Hangry chicken roll,  sweet death wings. the Oreo shake, and the Ferrero Rocher shake. I seriously could not choose my favorite item. Everything was right up my alley in terms of flavor, texture, and the carbs. The Hangry and sweet death sauces are a MUST TRY. I would highly recommend the Ferrero Rocher shake as well!

Overall, I guarantee that any item from Hangry will hit it out of the park for you. Their flavors are on point, everything is cheesy but balanced, and the creativity is there. Not to mention, Hangry follows strict COVID guidelines with take-out only and open space in the restaurant when you pick up your order. And they’re a Halal restaurant, so we can all indulge in the grub. Their artwork and meaty goodness are sure to win your heart. Happy eating! 🍔

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