Artisanal Dolgona Coffee

Ice-cold dolgona or whipped coffee, DIY style.

Homemade dolgona coffee has become more accessible than ever. Today’s youth have blown up recipe videos of how to make whipped coffee using instant granules. Kick your dolgona coffee up a notch by making it with rich, organic coffee beans.

Some Kind of Coffee packages exotic coffee beans.

The methodology remains the same, but this recipe feeds your inner artist. Fuel Your Freaky by Some Kind of Coffee provides depth, body, and a hint of bitterness to compliment the drink’s sweetness.

How To:

First, brew Fuel Your Freaky coffee beans or grounds. While the coffee is hot, add it to a bowl with sweetener of your choice. Whip out the electric mixer and let it mix for at least 5 minutes. It should thicken and double in volume.

When the coffee mixture resembles whipped cream, you’ve made whipped coffee!

Next, pour yourself a glass of milk of your choice. Top with a few dollops of whipped coffee. Stir to combine and there you have dolgona coffee! How easy is that?

You’ll no longer settle for “okay” coffee drinks once you start making this yourself. It’s easy, fast, and a great pick-me-up whenever you need that surge of energy. Use authentic coffee grounds such as the Fuel Your Freaky coffee to ensure that you get the best out of your dolgona coffee. It will fuel your soul and inspire you to persevere. Even if it’s just for a few more hours.





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