Extreme Milkshake Trend

This is a random thought, but why were (or maybe are if this is still prominent in your life) extreme milkshakes a thing? If you’re a supporter of this trend, please don’t attack me and leave hate comments; you’re entitled to your own opinion but so am I! Being a huge dessert fanatic, I never understood why extreme milkshakes were being created because I’ve always known plain ol’ milkshakes to be a treat in themselves. Their rich ice cream content emulsified with milk to make a thick but pourable liquid, topped with airy whipped cream and a cherry on top was the perfect dose of indulgence any American could ever want!

See: milkshake ad from the 1960s. The drink became a whole franchise with companies like Borden’s selling convenient products like milkshake in a can.

However, I was not about to be left trailing behind the bandwagon! I tried these extreme shakes, which do consist of classic milkshake recipes but also flavored syrup drizzled inside the glass with all sorts of colorful candy glued onto the exterior of the glass with frosting. The toppings don’t stop at whipped cream and a cherry, oh no. Some creators add more candy on top, sprinkles, donuts, cookies, cereal, and even whole slices of cake! The sky is literally the limit since some milkshake topping are piled so high, it’s almost impossible to get a sip of the concoction underneath.

This was the extreme milkshake I ordered from Buns Bar. Fun fact- every extreme shake crafted by these workers is different. You will NEVER receive one that looks like it has already been made here!

I tried these unique milkshakes from two different spot. One was Buns Bar in Chelsea, New York. I ordered the strawberry blast milkshake and when it arrived, I saw that it was topped with red velvet cake. While the shake itself passed the thick by drinkable test, it was not the mixture itself that was worth the calories. The red velvet cake was decadent and filling in itself- I don’t recall finishing my meal nor the drink if I’m being honest. My glass was customized with Skittles, Swedish Fish, Cheerios, green frosting, whipped cream and sprinkles. While it was fun to take pictures of the milkshake and post on Instagram, you’re really not supposed to eat the exterior decorations even though it’s all edible. I find this to be a waste of add-ons and extra mess you have to go through to enjoy your shake.

This was an extreme milkshake from Black Tap Craft Burgers and Beers. Enjoy the eye candy and the sticker over the waitress face to protect her identity.

The second restaurant I tried an extreme milkshake from was Black Tap in Midtown, Manhattan.  This time, I ordered a cookie milkshake, a vanilla mixture that was fancied up with chocolate drizzle, a graham cracker-rimmed glass,  chewy Chips Ahoy cookies, whipped cream, chocolate chips and a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich. (Talk about the stuff dreams are made of. 😍) While I must admit I was more biased towards this shake since I have an immense love for all things related to chocolate chip cookies, I found that I had the same issue with this drink compared to the other outrageous milkshake. While the ice cream sandwich was BOMB, it could not stick onto the creation for long due to its weight and me moving the glass to drink the mixture. It was messy to eat being covered in whipped cream and the whole shake eventually fell apart due to the mountain-high cloud of whipped cream.

My take on the extreme milkshakes trend is that they can be worth it if you’re up to tackle the task of eating/ drinking one. They are also pricey, so make sure you’re willing to spend money for just an Instagram picture- most of the add-ons will go to waste and fall apart before your eyes.

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