Weekends call for brunching, amirite? Eggslut is a breakfast restaurant that serves gourmet breakfast sandwiches. They are a newer restaurant chain with locations all over California and around the world. Despite being so new, Eggslut has risen to fame quite quickly. Instagrammers and foodies love coming here. One trip and you’ll understand why. 🍳

Bacon, egg, and cheeses with the fix-ins.

The theme of minimalism resonates in the look of the restaurant, too.

Eggslut takes your average bacon-egg-and-cheese and turns up the flavors. They make their sandwiches with local brioche bread and cage-free eggs. Eggslut focuses on quality ingredients not just in their breakfast sandwiches, but in their other items as well. You’ll see that their menu is quite short which attests to their emphasis on quality food. The simpler the ingredients, the more delicious the meal will be because everything is cooked with care. Their bacon, egg, and cheese is simple, hearty, and luscious- the best bacon-egg-and-cheese we’ve ever tried!

If you’re in the LA or Las Vegas area, you need to check out Eggslut’s breakfast sandwiches. Their modern, minimalistic touch on the beloved breakfast item is what we need amongst wild breakfast combinations these days. They transform good ingredients into flavorful bites. Visit Egglust and get yourself a bacon, egg, and cheese, coffee, or side salad!

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